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Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure

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Dr. Morton Walker explains and educates the public about the groundbreaking research conducted by Dr. Mirko Beljanski while at the esteemed Pasteur Institute. The book explains how and why carcinogens work at the DNA level to cause cancer and how Dr. Beljanski proved through research how we can use nature to fight back.

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Cancer is an illness we all dread simply because it is very difficult to cure. Massive amounts of money have been spent not only trying to find a cure but to help potential victims prevent the disease from occurring in the first place. Following on the heels of the discovery of DNA’s double helix, Dr. Mirko Beljanski, a microbiologist at the Pasteur Institute, discovered some fundamental truths about cancerous DNA and how carcinogens act on DNA. In the course of his discoveries, he also discovered highly powerful and scientifically proven botanical agents that kill cancer cells. Beljanski found that his botanicals were selective—they only harmed the cancerous cells but didn’t harm healthy cells. In the process, Dr. Beljanski was vilified by the French government, but he continued on with his research and found that when his botanical agents are coupled with traditional chemo and radiation cancer therapies, each becomes more effective, thus finding a highly viable integrative cancer solution.

Current studies on Dr. Beljanski’s products have been conducted through the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the Center for Holistic Urology at Columbia University. There is more research that needs to be done to confirm Dr. Mirko Beljanski’s major breakthroughs in cancer treatments. There is a way to make this most feared of diseases manageable. The war on cancer is winnable, but only if we all band together and demand that the research be done so that anyone who ever hears the dreaded words, “you have cancer” doesn’t feel like they’ve been handed a death sentence.

Book Details
ISBN-13 978-1936449101
Publisher Hugo House Publishers, Ltd
Publication date 02/09/2012
Pages 280
About The Author

Dr. Morton Walker, DPM, is a professional medical journalist who has authored 92 published books, 14 of which are bestsellers, and over 2000 clinical journal and magazine articles about holistic medicine, orthomolecular nutrition, and other alternative methods of healing. Named "The World's Leading Medical Journalist Specializing in Holistic Medicine" by the American Cancer Control Society, Dr. Walker lives and conducts his medical journalism research in Florida. He is the recipient of 23 medical journalism awards for his breakthrough works in many areas including longevity, chelation therapies, and cancer.

Read An Excerpt

Dr. Beljanski's discoveries need to be brought to broad public attention so that we all can be better informed if we or someone we love develops cancer or contracts an incurable virus. If we understand how cancer develops in our bodies, we can better understand why Beljanski's breakthrough discoveries are so effective.

My introduction to Mirko Beljanski happened in the spring of 2003, when I attended the semi-annual scientific conference of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), an organization of twenty-five hundred holistic medical practitioners. There I listened to a lecture by Michael B. Schachter, MD, of Suffern, New York. Trained in a form of holistic psychiatry which uses nutrients rather than drugs for treating mental illness, Dr. Schachter works as a holistic physician with alternative methods of healing and has administered to thousands of patients for close to forty years. He is renowned among his colleagues, loved by his patients, and has vast experience with therapies that do no harm when overcoming serious infirmities. Most of his patients consul him, not for mind-related disturbances, but for cancer, cardiovascular, and peripheral vascular diseases (blood clots), in addition to other serious health issues. His patients usually need no hospitalization and no drug prescriptions. Typically they take nutritional supplements in addition to following wholesome diets.

I knew Dr. Schachter from when my wife, Joan, came down with breast cancer and suffered its subsequent required mastectomy in 1987; Dr. Schachter kept her healthy, beautiful, and thriving for over thirteen years. Joan taught nutrition, diet, weight control, and positive thinking to thousands of women throughout Connecticut. She was their mentor, and I was never more proud of my beautiful wife.

It was not ordinary breast cancer that killed my wife eventually, but rather something much worse-inflammatory breast disease. Because I was unaware of Dr. Beljanski's products, I like everyone else believed that no treatment of any kind had ever been found for her illness. The condition killed her within ten months of its diagnosis. Cancer is an indiscriminate grim reaper, and I was destined to suffer more loss at its menacing hands. Three months after Joan's funeral, my mother, Rachel Walker, was diagnosed with gastric carcinoma (cancer of the stomach). Having no knowledge that she was afflicted, I had left the country. With a heavy hear, I was required to fly home at once to arrange for her burial.

After living the lonely life of a widower for three years, I received a call. It was Dr. Schacter, inviting me to come to the 2003 ACAM conference. My respect for Dr. Schacter has been immense for as long as I've know him-at least twenty-seven years- and I knew that any medical topic he would present in a lecture was worthwhile to hear. So when he invited me to listen to his talk on the cancer-causation concepts of Dr. Mirko Beljanski, I sensed in advance that my time spent at the ACAM conference would be significant.

Featured Review

“I am thrilled to see published Dr. Walker’s excellent book on the life and work of Mirko Beljanski PhD, a truly innovative, courageous and brilliant scientist and human being. I am very pleased to have originally introduced Dr. Walker to Dr. Beljanski’s wife Monique and daughter Sylvie soon after Dr. Walker had attended my lecture on Beljanski’s work back in 2003. As is apparent from the contents of this book, this introduction led to the Beljanski’s sponsoring Dr. Walker’s further research into the life and work of Dr. Beljanski and the writing and publication of this long awaited book.

Dr. Walker strikes an excellent balance between presenting Dr. Beljanski’s insights and scientific concepts with the political and economic forces that have prevented this work from becoming better known. The theme of how political and financial forces tend to suppress valuable scientific concepts that arise from using natural substances as opposed to patentable synthetic medications applies to the work of Beljanski and many others even today.

I think this suppression of valuable information that may interfere with profits is one of the main reasons that the health care system today is in such a sorry state today. Dr. Beljanski’s emphasis on adverse environmental factors playing a major role in the development of disease and his focus on preventing adverse health events are necessary today, as we continue to live under the reign of an expensive and poorly functioning health care system.

Dr. Walker is to be congratulated for writing this very readable, interesting and provocative book about Mirko Beljanski, one of the great scientists and pioneers of recent times.”

Dr. Ronald Klatz MD, DO
Co-Founder/President-American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

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