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Dr. Beljanski's Legacy

Mirko Beljanski’s Achievements

Mirko Beljanski, PhD (1923-1998), a biologist-biochemist who worked for over 30 years at the famous Pasteur Institute in Paris, devoted his life to the exploration of the basic principles of DNA replication and transcription and the role of trigger molecules in normal and malignant gene expression.

Beljanski's extensive knowledge of biological mechanisms, along with his freedom from any hampering relationship with industrial interests, led him to define a multi-pronged approach to wellness and to develop products free of side effects, easy to administer and taken as nutritional supplements.

The Beljanski® Products had already been extensively used in Europe for over two decades with a great degree of satisfaction before they were introduced to the US in 1996, when his daughter, Sylvie Beljanski, founded Natural Source International, now known as Maison Beljanski.

Mirko Beljanski’s History

Mirko Beljanski was born in 1923 in Serbia. He emigrated to Paris, France to study biology at the Sorbonne, where he obtained his PhD in 1947. He joined the Pasteur Institute in 1951 and received the Charles-Leopold Mayer prize in 1960. In 1972, he discovered the existence of a reverse transcriptase enzyme in bacteria. In 1985, he became Research Director at the CNRS (French equivalent of NIH).

Mirko Beljanski’s discovery of the destabilizing role of environmental toxins to the DNA—that is to say at the very core of our cells—is central to understanding pathogenesis, and key to empowering all of us. This key discovery—which has since been independently confirmed—remains the main reason why Dr. Beljanski is now often referred to as the “Father of Environmental Medicine”.

Dr. Beljanski went on to develop natural extracts (Pao pereira, Rauwolfia vomitoria, Golden Leaf of Ginkgo biloba, and some RNA fragments) extremely effective at supporting his patients against a variety of aliments.

An Injustice Recognized By The European Court Of Human Rights

In 1992, when called upon by former French president François Mitterrand to help treat his prostate cancer, the products allowed the President to reach his second term in office. But upon Mitterrand’s death, Beljanski became the subject of relentless persecution aimed at wiping out the information that natural substances could be so effective. Beljanski passed away in Paris in 1998, without a trial date ever set by the French judge and the opportunity to clear his name.

In 2002, four years after his passing, The European Court of Human Rights recognized in a unanimous decision—Beljanski vs. France—that France had no excuse for the numerous delays for not giving Beljanski his due diligence in court and had violated his most basic human rights.

Mirko Beljanski left behind a body of 133 peer-reviewed papers, 2 books and 11 patents.

Mirko Beljanski used to say, “When we have the power to help, we have the duty of doing so.” At Maison Beljanski, nothing makes us happier than sharing his powerful legacy of hope, as many consumers are looking for reliable information backed by legitimate scientific research to assist them in making informed choices to help them Feel Better NaturallySM.

Video: The Story Of Mirko Beljanski

Do You Want To Learn More About Dr. Mirko Beljanski?

Sylvie Beljanski’s book “Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure”, will help you learn more about Dr. Mirko Beljanski’s achievements and the story of The Beljanski Foundation.

Buy The Book

A new, breakthrough book reveals a true story about natural medical research that is astonishing and compelling. A critical book to read if you know anyone with cancer.

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