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How Environmental Toxins Affect Your DNA

Mirko Beljanski, PhD made a fundamental discovery: the double helix of DNA is altered when it is exposed to chemicals from the environment. This process of DNA destabilization is cumulative and once started, it gamins momentum from continued exposure to environmental pollutants. The destabilization of DNA eventually triggers unregulated gene expression and DNA replication.

Found in OnKobel-Pro®

  • Pao Pereira
  • Rauwolfia vomitoria
  • Goldren Ginkgo


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  • RNA Fragments


A New Era of Supplements

Dr. Beljanski realized that if he could find compounds that selectively target the damaged DNA, he could block multiplication of abnormal cells and thus remove them from the body. Nature responded generously to his search by offering several natural substances that he isolated and studied. His ideas led to the growth of a new field, environmental medicine, and his discoveries provided the basis for a new era of dietary supplements.

All healthcare professionals offering Beljanski® Professional products have received advanced training from the scientific advisors at Maison Beljanski. This education covers Dr. Beljanski’s original research on how his extracts work and includes current work by scientists at prestigious academic institutions that confirms the effectiveness of the natural compounds in Beljanski® Professional Products.

Maison Beljanski, the exclusive manufacturer of Beljanski Professional products, is firmly committed to broadening the alternative health options available in a world increasingly besieged by pollutants, stress agents and a myriad of other environmental factors.

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