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Women's Health

Women's health is influenced by biological differences related to gender and other social norms.

Women’s life expectancy is significantly higher than that of men: 85.6 years for women and 79.7 years for men, according to a 2019 study from INSEE.[1] However, women tend to use more healthcare services than men due to their reproductive health needs. 

Sylvie Beljanski and Martine Calache, CCH shared information and provided people with a unique perspective on the topic that they won’t find anywhere else! Click here to watch the replay of the Healthy Tuesday


5 tips for women's health

 1. Take the vitamins and nutrients women need

 Here are the main nutrients and vitamins that a woman needs to maintain good health.[2]


a. Multivitamins, minerals and antioxidants:


If it seems complicated to assess our daily vitamin needs, it is wise to integrate a complete formulation that ensures the intake of a diversity of vitamins essential to our well-being. We recommend the Vitamin-Mineral Antioxidant to help provide us energy and help keep our body functioning properly.*



Vitamin-Mineral Antioxidant contains vitamin A (plays an important role for the immune system, skin cell renewal and vision), vitamin B (important for energy production and the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system), vitamin D, calcium (builds bones and teeth) and magnesium (contributes to the functioning of the nervous and muscular system and it is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system).*



Another important thing to do is to have your vitamin D levels checked. You can do this with a simple blood test prescribed by your doctor. If your results come back and show a deficiency, then it is smart to take a vitamin D supplement:


b. Vitamin D


Vitamin D is used to bind calcium to the bones. It plays a valuable role in immunity and the prevention of cancers and autoimmune diseases. It also plays an important role in the regulation of certain minerals such as calcium and phosphate. It can also have an impact on the prevention of osteoporosis and slow its progression.


D Perfect
In addition, vitamin D3 deficiency is linked to a weakened immune system and an increased risk of viral disease.*


 Therefore, a high-quality, bioavailable natural supplement (which makes it easier to assimilate in our body) is recommended in the Beljanski® Approach to Wellness. We recommend D Perfect which contains vitamin D3 (in the form of Cholecalciferol) and organic olive oil.



Another crucial vitamin for women's health is vitamin C, not only for its effects on the body, but also for the beauty and health of the skin:


c. Vitamin C


Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is used by the body for more than a hundred functions, one of the main functions being the production of collagen. Essential to the human body, collagen contributes to the formation of connective tissue of the skin, ligaments and bones. Vitamin C also promotes the maintenance of the immune system, including wound healing, the formation of red blood cells and the absorption of iron by the body.*


2. Take care of your skin and hair

1. First, be careful what you put on your skin!


Because what we apply to our skin goes directly into our blood system! It is necessary to avoid as best as possible creams, shampoos and cosmetics which contain toxic substances such as Parabens and Phthalates (endocrine disruptors). These, as we have now understood, create inflammation and destabilization of our DNA.


The Beljanskin® products moisturize intensely and immediately relieve all skin types including dry and damaged skin. These products, made in France and certified organic Cosmos, were created from extracts of OnkoTea® green tea leaves and golden leaf extracts of Ginkgo biloba, which have been thoroughly researched by Dr. Beljanski.*



2. Take a complete formula for your complexion, nails and hair


Beauty Secret from Within by Sylvie Beljanski<sup>®</sup>


If you want to have a radiant complexion, abundant hair and sturdy nails, we recommend the exceptional formula Beauty Secret from Within by Sylvie Beljanski®. filled with natural vitamins, powerful antioxidants and moisturizing agents.*



3. Hormone regulation

rovol v

 Rovol V® is a dietary supplement rich in the root bark extract of Rauwolfia vomitoria, an African tree traditionally used as a regulator of the hormonal system.[3]


Hormones regulate many functions of the body including sleep, ovulation, stress and mood. A disorder can lead to significant damage in the body.


One example is menopause. For several years before and just after menopause, estrogen levels vary greatly, periods become irregular and symptoms can occur such as: hot flashes, decreased bone density, breast sensitivity and mood swings.


4. Avoid stress and listen to your emotions

Women often have a lot to do: a career, taking care of kids, making sure their kids go to school, housework and more...


Between all his tasks, they sometimes have little time left for themselves. Stress can therefore happen quickly.


Look for the causes of the stress or anxiety we endure and find strategies such as meditation or controlled breathing to control them. But you can also use natural plants or essential oils.



5. Herbal Tea Recipes

Antispasmodic herbal tea recipe

To be taken 10 days before menstruation when it is painful.


Its antispasmodic and pain-relieving properties target pain in the lower abdomen during menstruation and during premenstrual syndrome. The antispasmodic virtues of an infusion of yarrow, due to its flavonoids, have been demonstrated.*

The Alchemilla

Thanks to its flavonoid fables and tannins, Alchemilla helps limit the congestive effects of premenstrual syndrome: feeling of swelling, breast tension, abdominal bloating and slight transient weight gain. It is a plant that is conventionally used in case of premenstrual pain and excessive menstruation.*

Lemon balm

Relaxing and antispasmodic, lemon balm helps reduce pelvic pain and irritability.*


The recipe


-> Yarrow 40g

-> Alchemilla 40g

-> Lemon balm 25g


Put a pinch with three fingers, or 3 to 4 grams, of the plant or plant mixture, for every 250ml of water.

-> Bring to a boil

-> Let it infuse for 10 minutes, covering the container to recover aromatic substances

-> Strain, and drink 2 to 3 cups (250ml) a day, outside of meals


Anti-hot flash herbal tea recipe


Hawthorn reduces irritability: it is therefore interesting when hot flashes make you feel irritable, cause stress or prevents sleep.*

Witch hazel

Vasoconstrict, witch hazel has the property of narrowing blood vessels. This action could help reduce the vasomotor disorders of hot flashes. The sudden appearance of redness in the face and neck, accompanied by a feeling of warmth, is indeed due to vasodilation of the peripheral vascular system.*


Antisweat, sage leaves reduce hot flashes, in number and intensity after a few weeks.*


The recipe

-> Hawthorn 40g

-> Witch hazel 40g

-> Sage (officinale) 30g


Put a pinch with three fingers, or 3 to 4 grams, of the plant or plant mixture, for 250ml of water.

-> Bring to a boil

-> Let it infuse for 10 minutes, covering the container to recover aromatic substances

-> Strain, and drink 2 to 3 cups (250ml) a day, outside of meals




[1] "Gains in life expectancy are now concentrated at older ages", Insee Focus n° 157, June 2019.



[3] Jean Berhaut "Flore illustrée du Sénégal", Dakar, 1971, pp 420-421.

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