We at Maison Beljanski recognize the importance of support and guidance regarding your wellness.

Our Health Coach Josephine Scandale is here to help guide you, listen to you, and help you achieve your health goals through a personalized action plan.

Sometimes, speaking for a few minutes with a busy medical professional is not enough. You may long for that compassionate and knowledgeable ear, to share our health concerns and express our fears, needs, and goals. Health Coaches provide that "safe space."

Maison Beljanski offers health coaching to help you figure out what your personal health issues are how to develop a strategy to Feel Better NaturallySM.

The Beljanski® Approach to Wellness is a holistic program to help you Feel Better NaturallySM.

Not sure where to start? Josephine Scandale is a Certified Health Coach and has 15 years of experience with the Beljanski Products. Through her coaching sessions she will design a personalized plan addressing nutrition (including supplements), movement, and emotional needs, to help you achieve your wellness goals. You will be able to discuss your specific needs and get the knowledge you need to achieve a lifetime of balance.

Begin Your Lifestyle Change Today!

Focus on You

From lifestyle changes and nutritional guidance to support and movement, our health coach Josephine Scandale uses a holistic approach to working one-on-one with you. The program is geared toward improving your overall health.

Establish a Connection

One of the most important factors in having success with your health coaching program is to have a comfortable relationship with your health coach!

Set Realistic Goals

With an understanding of your day to day lifestyle (work, diet, family health history, medications, and exercise) and what you’d like to accomplish, our health coach Josephine Scandale will work with you to establish realistic and attainable goals.

Think Positive

Josephine will help you establish a positive mind-set. It is not realistic to only have positive thoughts in your mind, but the key is being able to take a negative situation and choose to still be optimistic.

Conquer Obstacles

Whether it be work, family, friends, injury, sickness etc. there always seems to be something in the way of taking control of your health. One of the biggest benefits to working with Josephine is being held accountable to stay on track with your program. Josephine will work with you to make sure you keep up the recommendations and create a plan that fits your schedule.

Develop a Healthy Independeant Lifestyle

Josephine wants to teach and help you develop habits so you can live a healthier lifestyle on your own. The fundamental objective is for you to learn how to reach your goals and never look back for the rest of your life!