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Celebrate World Earth Day

Dear Valued Customer,

We hope this email finds you healthy and happy.
As you may know, April 22nd is Earth Day. Our earth is called "Mother Earth" because there is an interdependence between human beings, other living species, and the planet we live on. Unfortunately, nature is suffering from human activities, and the earth is sending us strong signals that we can no longer ignore. The oceans are filled with plastic and are becoming increasingly acidic, while extreme weather events such as floods, forest fires, and heat waves affect millions of people.

Human activities such as deforestation, intensive agriculture, and livestock farming have disastrous consequences on the environment. It is, therefore, crucial to move towards a more sustainable economy that benefits both humanity and the planet.

Maison Beljanski is committed to being an eco-responsible, natural, and non-toxic business, practicing fair trade and proudly supporting its local partners (since the company's creation). Our products are made from fair trade raw materials, providing the harvesters with a stable source of income and a valorization of their environment.

In honor of this day, Maison Beljanski is pleased to offer you a 10% discount with the code HEALTH2023 on OnkoTea® Nature and the environmentally friendly Beljanskin® skincare line, which incorporates ingredients developed by Dr. Mirko Beljanski himself. The Beljanskin® products, made in France and certified organic by Cosmos, were created with OnkoTea® green tea leaf extracts and golden Ginkgo biloba leaf extracts, whose benefits caught the attention of Dr. Mirko Beljanski.

Natural Skincare for Extra Sensitive Skin

Sourced From NATURE... Perfected by SCIENCE®

Not only are Beljanskin® products free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, animal oils, coal tar dyes, formaldehyde, mercury, and oxybenzone, they are redefining the very notion of daily skin care. The Beljanskin® line is a technological innovation for unparalleled effectiveness.

Sustainability is one of our greatest responsibilities, which is why we chose glass for the packaging of Beljanskin® products. The environmental advantage of choosing glass is that the containers, after being used, can be reused or recycled, whereas plastic bottles risk being thrown away once the product is finished.

In addition, choosing glass cosmetic jars eliminates the risk of hazardous chemicals leaching into the product.

Golden Leaf Ginkgo Biloba

These leaves turn yellow once a year for about a month before falling off the tree, and their color change reflects the chemical evolution of each leaf. It is only after the leaves have fallen from the tree that we harvest them.

OnkoTea® Green Tea Blend

OnkoTea® is an exclusive blend of premium antioxidant teas, certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free. This exceptional blend is manufactured according to the most rigorous standards. The plastic-free tea bags are made of biodegradable plant-based materials.

The Cream For Hands And Feet provides a soft, supple, and moisturizing sensation to even the most sensitive and dry skin. Formulated with natural ingredients, including OnkoTea® green tea leaf extract and golden Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, this cream soothes, nourishes, and repairs even the most damaged hands and feet.

The Body Lotion intensely moisturizes and immediately soothes all skin types, especially dry and damaged skin. Formulated with multiple repairing ingredients, this lotion is enriched with jojoba, sweet almond, macadamia, and sea buckthorn oils that facilitate the absorption of the lotion to immediately soothe roughness, nourish and leave the skin soft.

In honor of Earth Day, use the promo code HEALTH2023 at checkout for a 10% discount on the box of 20 sachets of OnkoTea® Nature, the Cream For Hands And Feet, and the Body Lotion. This offer is valid until May 15, 2023.

>>> Click here to save on the box of 20 sachets of OnkoTea® Nature

>>> Click here to save on Cream For Hands And Feet

>>> Click here to save on the Body Lotion

It is more urgent than ever to take our health into our own hands and educate ourselves on a traditional approach to agriculture and health. If you have any questions about our products or this promotion, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To good health,

Maison Beljanski

P.S. This offer is only valid until Monday, May 15, 2023, at 11:59 pm est. Don't miss out on your chance to save 10% on Beljanskin® and OnkoTea® Nature!

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