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The Secret to Long Life in your DNA - The Beljanski Approach to Cellular Health

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The work and discoveries by Mirko Beljanski, PhD, presented by French doctor Hervé Janecek.

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The Secret To Long Life In Your DNA - The Beljanski Approach To Cellular Health presents the work of Mirko Beljanski, a biologist/biochemist at the Pasteur Institute in France whose innovative research on DNA led to the discovery of new treatments for cancer and other degenerative diseases. The Beljanski method fights disease by targeting damaged or destabilized DNA in the body, allowing cells within healthy DNA to thrive. Beljanski, with his wife, Monique, went on to develop natural compounds that enhance the body’s resistance not only to degenerative diseases but also to the effects of environmental toxicity and the ravages of aging. Beljanski’s compounds are now being studied at Columbia University and other centers, where early findings support his theories.

In this book, the authors build on Mirko Beljanski’s work to demonstrate how physiological and environmental factors both weaken the body’s immune system and alter DNA functioning. They explain how aging exacerbates these effects, leading to cancer and other diseases. The authors then present the innovative compounds Beljanski developed and how they are able to prevent dysfunctional cells from multiplying. They also detail how to integrate essential nutritional strategies for maximizing health and fighting aging at the cellular level.

Détail du livre
ISBN-13 978-1594772597
Publisher Healing Arts Press
Publication date 01/26/2009
Pages 168
Translated from French by Cheryl A. Metzger
About the Author

Hervé Janecek, PhD, is the director of a biology laboratory and a clinician who specializes in nutrition, organotherapy, phytotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine and how these therapeutic strategies can be applied to degenerative disorders and preventive medicine.

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Every living thing is born, grows up, reaches maturity, then declines, breaks down, falls ill, and dies. We human beings are no exception to this rule. We often spend the first half of our lives preparing for and then earning a living in order to house, feed, and clothe ourselves, start a family, and live -or survive- only to face a mix of physical problems that handicap us during the second half of life, when we otherwise could have been enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

The passage of time and the wearing down of the tissues of the body that comes with it are unavoidable, but aren't there some ways to at least slow down this decline ? With more people living longer than ever before in human history, this question is being intently asked by more and more individuals, and doctors and biologists, in ever increasing numbers, are attempting to answer it. For many years now, the media has dedicated lenghty reports to various anti-aging strategies: products or methods having the specific goal of limiting the age-related damage or wear of cells, tissues, and organs. Most of the methods recommended are those considered to be truly natural, such as naturally sourced vitamin supplements or plant extracts. Natural anti-ageing plans are favored because the public knows full well that prevention happens only over the long term, and only a nontoxic, natural plan to fight aging will be well tolerated over such a length of time.

This book has been written to provide you with pragmatic, scientifically based guidance that treats the individual as a whole, integrating the microcosmic and macrocosmic perspectives, using the model of the hologram, in which each component reflects the whole.


"Reading this book gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation of the brilliance of Beljanski's original research and its practical applications. Though much of his research began decades ago, its importance is just beginning to be recognized in scientific circles. (...) I myself believe that they have played a significant role in improving my results with an alternative approach to treating cancer."

Dr. Michael B. Schachter, MD, CNS

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