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French District Features
The Beljanski® Approach To Wellness

Maison Beljanski is in the spotlight. French District, the top news website for French speaking people who live, work, invest, visit or are interested in the United States, spoke with Sylvie Beljanski about Maison Beljanski and featured
The Beljanski® Approach To Wellness
in their national newsletter.
Read the translation of the article below.

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The Beljanski® Approach to Wellness is a holistic vision that proposes to AVOID toxic products as much as possible, to RESTORE the body's balance and to ACHIEVE cellular homeostasis when necessary.

There is a factor common to many pathologies: chronic INFLAMMATION!

Acute inflammation is necessary for cellular repair when our body is attacked, but when chronic inflammation sets in, it becomes deleterious to our health. Chronic inflammation is largely responsible for all the pathologies of civilization.

Chronic inflammation can disrupt our immune system, which eventually attacks itself (autoimmune disease) and can also destabilize our DNA over time. As Mirko Beljanski, PhD has demonstrated in throughout his research, environmental toxins cumulatively and progressively increase the destabilization of our DNA. This can lead to serious diseases such as cancer.


He had even developed a test called the ONCOTEST to evaluate the carcinogenic toxic substances in our environment. These environmental toxins are the primary cause of chronic inflammation.

To control chronic inflammation before it causes a serious health problem, there are 2 crucial steps to take according to the Beljanski®  Approach to Wellness:

1. Avoid and flush out toxins
2. Rejuvenate our body


Step 1: Avoid and evacuate the toxins in our environment!


➢ First of all, pay attention to what we put on our skin!

Because what we apply on our skin goes directly into our bloodstream! We must avoid as much as possible creams, shampoos and cosmetics that contain toxic substances such as Parabens and Phthalates (endocrine disruptors). These, as we have now understood, create inflammation and destabilization of our DNA. It is important to buy organic body care products as much as possible and this is what the Beljanski® Approach to Wellness offers.

➢ What we put on our plate is also crucial:

* Avoid at all costs refined products, prepared meals.
* We need a varied diet with seasonal vegetables and fruits of all colors!
* Avoid bad fats (saturated) and use oils rich in Omegas such as olive oil or grapeseed oil.
* Consume anti-inflammatory spices such as turmeric and ginger.
* Reduce your consumption of red meat (too rich in fat) and eat white meat and wild fish (unless you are a vegetarian, in which case you should pay attention to your Vitamin B12 intake).

➢ Paying attention to the Acid/Base balance or pH homeostasis

* Having a diet with a balanced acid/base ratio is very important. In order to achieve this, try to consume about 80% alkaline foods and only 20% acidic foods.
* It is easy to find on the internet a summary table of these food categories.
* By applying this rule as best we can, we promote the acid/alkaline balance necessary for the balance of our body. A soil that is too acidic or too alkaline favors the proliferation of pathogenic organisms and maintains inflammation which, in turn, can lead to inflammation and the destabilization of our DNA.

➢ Tracking our food intolerances

Another source of inflammation can come from our food intolerances.

We know in principle what we are allergic to, but it is not always easy to spot our food intolerances. These intolerances cause inflammation over time, which in turn compromises the balance of our intestinal flora. The balance of the intestinal flora is absolutely essential to good health. When it is unbalanced (dysbiosis) it is the open door to the disruption of our immune system and the appearance of pathologies. There are food intolerance tests that can be performed by specialized laboratories.

(See Step 2 "Regenerate" on how to restore our intestinal flora).

Unfortunately it is impossible to control everything and we store toxins in spite of everything we try to do on a daily basis!


Therefore, you should naturally detox your body everyday and we suggest following these 9 crucial steps:


detox body image

Our bodies are equipped with their own multi-organ cleansing system, which includes the liver, colon, kidneys and lymphatic system. But sometimes these organs are overwhelmed by the amount of harmful toxins that need to be removed. Detoxification is the active process that supports our natural ability to eliminate harmful toxins.

1) The first organ that acts as a filter for our body is our LIVER:
The liver is one of the most complex and essential organs of the body: not only does it intervene in the process of digestion of food, but it also acts as a filter allowing the purification of the blood. Finally, it has the ability to regenerate itself, provided it is in good health.

A dietary supplement from the Beljanski® Approach to Wellness that can help: Lovaliver®.

Lovaliver® helps the liver to regenerate and supports the renal functions. It facilitates the production of glutathione (king of antioxidants), which is essential for the proper renewal of liver cells.


2) Dislodge the toxins embedded in our fatty tissues!
In 2020, more than 2 billion adults were overweight, that is to say 39% of adults in the world.

This problem is much more than cosmetic. Toxins from the environment, heavy metals and hormonal residues are stored in adipose tissue. A good physiological state requires weight control.

The Beljanski® Approach to Wellness includes 2 dietary supplements that can help us remove these toxins from our adipose tissue: Puriperfect® and Perfect Factor®.

Puriperfect® combines herbs and enzymes to help eliminate parasites and other toxins resulting from poor waste elimination. This elimination is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system and the gastrointestinal system.

Perfect Factor® helps naturally burn excess fat, stimulates metabolism and reduces appetite.

3) Remove heavy metals!


We are all concerned and some people have such high levels (especially of cadmium, copper, nickel, chromium, mercury and arsenic... present in tap water, in the air and in some foods) that it becomes a concern for their health because these molecules act as carcinogens and neurotoxins leading to bone, kidney, and cardiovascular damage...

A high concentration of heavy metals in the blood can induce chronic fatigue, migraines, anxiety, depression, mental confusion and chronic inflammation. Again, the Beljanski® Approach to Wellness can help us with a dietary supplement, Signature Chelate®, specific to this heavy metal detox.

4) Have a good intestinal track
For optimal health we must assimilate and eliminate efficiently the food we ingest. The digestion process takes place in the colon where water is absorbed, vitamins are synthesized and waste is broken down. When our colon does not function well, we accumulate toxins! A dietary supplement that can help us with Colonet™ is an herbal dietary supplement that can help us regulate our bowel movements and flush out toxins.

5) Drink green tea! It is essential to detoxify!


Because of its antioxidant power, drinking green tea is part of the body's detoxification strategy. All green teas are good as long as they are organic. When a green tea has been scientifically studied it is even better!

At the end of a prolific research project in China, Dr. Beljanski was presented with a box containing a large selection of the best teas from China known for their interesting health properties. When Dr. Beljanski returned home, he tested each tea and his results showed that these particular tea extracts were of particular benefit to destabilized cells. This blend was later discovered and named OnkoTea®, a unique combination of four different organic green teas: Ceylon Green, Bi Lou Chun, Gunpowder and Dragonwell.

Of course, to accompany your meal, you can indulge yourself from time to time with a good glass of red wine! Red wine contains antioxidants and polyphenols (resveratrol) that fight oxidative stress that damages our cells.

6) Have an emotional balance


One of the tips to take seriously for optimal health and because we are talking about detoxification, is to consider the toxic relationships in our lives! We need to get rid of them! But also get rid of our toxic thoughts and learn to say no when necessary!

Look for the causes of the stress or anxiety that we endure and find strategies like meditation or controlled breathing to control them. Another option would be to use natural plants or essential oils.


7) Play sports, get moving!


Move as you can! Whether it's going for a 30-minute walk on a regular basis, biking or a routine at the gym. Any kind of exercise and movement is good as long as you practice them regularly. Exercise makes us sweat, a guaranteed detoxification!

8) Do lymphatic massages
Practice on your own (with an adapted brush) and BEFORE showering or practice with a therapist. All of these strategies help detoxify our body, reduce chronic inflammation and prevent the destabilization of our DNA.

9) Pay attention to your daily life!
It is always good to remember to support detoxification on an ongoing basis by limiting toxins (such as chemicals) in all the products we consume and to help ourselves naturally with plants to aid in detoxification.


Step 2: Regenerate with Vitamins



A daily intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is essential to our health. The slightest deficiency can lead to a drop in energy, a drop in metabolism and lead to multiple diseases. Here is our advice for the best vitamin intake:

Vitamin D:

Initially, it is possible with a blood test prescribed by his doctor to determine our deficiencies. The dosage of vitamin D, for example, will be done during an annual check-up, but it can be requested specifically. High-quality natural and bioavailable supplements (which increase the assimilation capacity of our organism) are recommended in the Beljanski® Approach to Wellness, such as D Perfect, which contains vitamin D3 (in the form of cholecalciferol) suspended in organic olive oil. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and their harmonious development. It is an important factor in the functioning of the immune system.


We need nutritional intake of essential fatty acids. This is essential to the proper functioning of the immune and nervous system. Foods that contain these essential fatty acids are sardines, mackerel, salmon and also seeds such as almonds, walnuts, cashews, pecans, Macadamia, hazelnuts, pine nuts and pistachios. If we think that we are not consuming enough, then a dietary supplement becomes essential, such as Omega Perfect.

Multivitamins, minerals and antioxidants:

If it seems complicated for us to evaluate our vitamin needs, it is imperative to integrate a complete formulation which ensures us an essential contribution of a diversity of vitamins essential to our wellbeing. We recommend Vitamin-Mineral Antioxidant to give us energy and help boost our metabolism.

Probiotics: It all starts in the gut!

Known as our second brain, the intestine deserves special attention. A healthy microbiome will ensure more than just good digestion. Gut health requires probiotics, enzymes and minerals.

Our diet has been turned upside down by industrialization. Too often, we eat processed foods that are difficult to digest and low in essential nutrients. The pancreas does not recognize them, and produces less and less digestive enzymes. All of this contributes to overworking the digestive system.

The appearance of digestive discomforts, and the various symptoms that accompany them, have become frequent: swelling of the abdomen, lactose intolerance, pain and heartburn, acid reflux, dermatological and allergic problems.

Digestive Harmony brings relief and physiological support, thanks to the combination of probiotics attached to spores (to resist the natural acidity of the stomach), of varied and high quality digestive enzymes and of vegetable extracts known to support digestion.


The Beljanski® Products


Mirko Beljanski

If, however, the progressive accumulation of environmental toxins damages and destabilizes our cells at the level of our DNA, then the natural extracts resulting from the scientific research of Dr. Mirko Beljanski are useful to counteract this disastrous phenomenon for our health.

The Beljanski® Products are composed of the natural extracts of Pao pereira bark, a South American tree, root bark of the African shrub Rauwolfia vomitoria, golden leaves of Ginkgo biloba (with different properties than green leaf extracts available on the market).

Numerous scientific studies have been conducted by Dr. Beljanski as well as by various prestigious academic institutions in the United States on the mechanism of action of these plant extracts.

The scientific publications are all available on The Beljanski Foundation website:

Pao pereira to support the body's natural defense system

beljanski products

By opposing the interference of pollutants in our environment, Pao pereira supports the body's natural defense system, creating the necessary conditions for normal physiological processes and, to some extent, helping the body's immune system and detoxification system to eliminate or neutralize unwanted cells.

Pao pereira has also been scientifically proven to have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that will boost our immune system if we are exposed to viruses (broad spectrum DNA or RNA viruses) and if we are suffering from chronic inflammation.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria

A plant rich in root bark extract of Rauwolfia vomitoria, an African tree traditionally used as a regulator of the hormonal system. By neutralizing the effect of many aggressive substances on the body, Rauwolfia vomitoria has a protective effect on cells, aiming at a healthy cellular regulation, particularly effective on hormone-dependent tissues.

Golden Leaf of Ginkgo Biloba

In a healthy cell, ribonucleases select messages that have been transcribed from DNA. This role is essential. In certain situations of severe cellular stress, these enzymes go into overdrive. When it persists, this phenomenon generates a cascade of disastrous reactions on the cellular life, the tissues and in the whole organism. The golden leaf of Ginkgo biloba, thanks to its regulating and normalizing effect on cellular enzymes, greatly facilitates the natural process of restoration and helps to maintain healthy tissues, even when they are victims of considerable physiological stress. These plant extracts have a selective action which is well documented in scientific studies, they do not target healthy cells.

RNA Fragments

A number of environmental substances have the ability to attack white blood cells, the pillars of our immune defense. These RNA fragments are capable of selectively promoting the duplication of bone marrow stem cells in order to contribute to the maintenance of an optimal number of leukocytes and platelets, but also of our NK cells (natural killers) and thus restore the proper functioning of the immune system. All of the above will tend to restore HOMEOSTASY! That is to say, to rebalance all the parameters of our body for good health in a natural way!


Take control of your health with the help of a health coach


Sometimes it's hard to put a plan of action in place for yourself and even more difficult to know where to start in the first place. That's why an integrative health coaching session is the best way to get there, with tips to implement immediately that will provide you with benefits for years to come.

health coaching

The Maison Beljanski Integrative Health Coach offers you a personalized program that covers: nutrition, physical activity, supplements and other factors to achieve all your wellness goals.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have by using the following link or by calling +1 212.308.7066. Our team will be able to answer all your questions.

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