Detoxification: What Does It Mean?

Our bodies are equipped with their own multi-organ clean-up system, that includes the colon, the liver, the kidneys, and the lymphatic system. But sometimes those organs get overwhelmed by the quantity of harmful toxins to be carried away. Detoxification is the active process of supporting our natural ability to remove harmful toxins.

The Link Between Health And Pollution

Industrial activity has surged to an unprecedented level since the Industrial Revolution that occurred in the 18th century. Pollution of the air and seas, depletion of the soil, and exhaustion of our natural resources, came along with “Progress." Chronic exposure to heavy metals and other environmental toxins, routinely induces many well documented damages. A natural, nutritional, strategy to safely and effectively promote detoxification, is now a must for everybody.

How Can Targetage® Help Your Detoxification Effort?

Targetage offers a number of specific formulas designed to safely promote the removal of toxic build up. The effective, yet gentle formulas have been developed to provide our detoxification organs the support they need to function properly.

  1. Lovaliver®New


  2. Perfect Factor®New

    Perfect Factor®

  3. Puriperfect®New


  4. Colonet™