A plastic tea bag? This is a topic that is gaining more and more exposure to the market and Maison Beljanski’s OnkoTea® has been on the healthy side of the conversation. Research has shown that many tea bags on the market are made of nylon, a plastic that has been shown to release Micro and Nano sized plastic particles when the bags are placed into hot water. In fact, according to an article found on cnn.com, they found that a single bag releases around 11.6 billion micro-plastic particles, and 3.1 billion even smaller nano-plastic particles, into the cup — thousands of times higher than the amount of plastic previously found in other food and drink.

Thankfully, if you are an OnkoTea® consumer, you do not have to worry about this plastic tea bag scare. We always put product safety and sustainability first, so our tea bags have been plastic-free since we released OnkoTea® in 2017. In an effort to ensure safety for our customers, we searched and found a tea bag material that is produced from plants and does not release plastic particles.

OnkoTea® and Soilon

OnkoTea® bags are made with a biodegradable filter mesh called SOILON. This is a woven mesh filter derived from vegetable starch, natural origin. It can be biodegraded completely by microorganisms in soil via hydrolysis. It is designed as a safe and non-toxic filter to be environmentally-friendly and better for the human future.

It is made of poly lactic acid (PLA) polymer resin by lactic fermentation of glucose, derived from starch, by an enzyme and polymerization. By thermal polymerizing of lactic acid, an aliphatic polyester resin has a melting point of 170 degrees Celsius. Due to its plastic character, PLA can be melt-spun into fibers (filaments), which are woven for beverage filter material.

Sustainability Advantages of Soilon

  1. Made of poly-lactic acid filaments from vegetable starch. Suitable for various leaf teas because of its excellent permeability
  2. Contained no hazardous substances such as endocrine disruptors (environmental hormones)
  3. Completely biodegraded when disposed in soil
  4. No generation of hazardous gases such as dioxin when burnt decomposed into carbon dioxide and water
  5. Antibacterial and anti fungus
  6. Recyclable and environmentally friendly

Bio-degradation = No Pollution!

The biodegradable mesh can be decomposed rapidly when it is put into compost of organic material, but it decomposes quite slowly when it is used in usual circumstances. The biodegradability complies with the European Standard EN 13432 (2000) and the international standard ISO 17088 (2088).

The degradation is initiated by temperature, moisture and alkaline material and is completely degraded by the acceleration of the microorganism, after the rate of degradation. The time required for form collapse is approximately 0.5 – 3  years in soil or water.

Summing it Up

OnkoTea®, like all other products from Maison Beljanski, will help you Feel Better NaturallySM. While the majority of companies producing tea will continue to use plastic tea bags, we will continue to only use the “greenest” and safest materials for our products.