Breast Cancer Diaries is a play organized by Cancer Tamer that is a compilation of stories of women (and men) who’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer; sharing their thoughts, fears, and voices, including voices from those who are no longer with us. We at Maison Beljanski, our proud to be a sponsor and supporter for this play and organization. Watch the video below to hear messages of hope from Women and Men who have battled and beat this disease.

The play was moving, eye opening, and should be seen by everyone, not just those who have had cancer. Even though the main topic addresses breast cancer for men and women, in many ways it could address some other kinds of cancer. The emotions, fears, and questions people will be facing are very similar wherever the cancer is located. The simplicity of the production allowed for the audience to focus on the message from the show, with no distractions. Many of the actors themselves were cancer survivors which provides an extra layer of authenticity. Considering the staggering number of people with cancer, the number of people who would appreciate the play would be staggering.



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