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Nothing compares to The Beljanski® Products! This is the line of exceptional dietary supplements developed by Dr. Mirko Beljanski while he was working at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France. The Beljanski® Products are hailed worldwide by grateful clients and the focus of cutting-edge research by many scientific institutions.

Dr. Mirko Beljanski

While working at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France, Mirko Beljanski uncovered a fundamental difference between healthy and cancerous cells: all cancerous cells in all living species (plants, animals, and/or humans) exhibit a similar and characteristic destabilization of their DNA, triggering unregulated gene expression and duplication.

Dr. Beljanski realized that if he could find compounds that selectively target their damaged DNA, he could block multiplication of abnormal cells and thus remove them from the body. Nature responded generously to his search by offering several natural substances that he isolated and studied. His ideas lead to the growth of a new field, environmental medicine, and his discoveries provided the basis for a line of dietary supplements, The Beljanski® Products.

Dr. Beljanski's research was instrumental in determining how the body can be protected against environmental toxins as well as how it can recover from their damaging effects, leading the way to a new approach to wellness.

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You will have to take up to 80 of their pills to equal 1 Beljanski® dose.

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